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Good Boy! (America’s Favorite Comics Magazine)

Look, I’m not gonna lie, sometimes, people just come up with a better name for their zine than you do. Thats’s just life. I thought Milk & Honey was a great title, but I’m ready to throw it all away in the trash since I heard about Michael Sweater and Benji Nate’s new collection of collaborative works, titled: Good Boy!

Another Kickstarter from one of our contributors is worth your attention <3 @

I can go into an overwhelming amount of praise for the work ethic that Michael and Benji put into their work and comic output. Michael Sweater was kind enough to be a featured contributor on our second issue, doing a beautiful cover and an exclusive five-page comic about an alien that also got picked up by VICE.

Like a legendary superhero league, they have gathered together to compose their first issue of a +100 page anthology of their favorite things. They go on to say in their Kickstarter description that they hope that GOOD BOY! can be a serialized magazine inspired by classic manga magazine, Shonen Jump, but for independant cartoonists.

In the first issue they will have stuff by Benji Nate, Enrique Guerra, Sean Mac, Miranda Harmon, Michael Sweater, Dan Rinylo, Steve Thueson, Ben Passmore, and more!

I am very excited for this project and I hope that this article makes you excited about it too. As I write this, the Kickstarter is working on being funded very soon, with additional rewards like patches and an exclusive shirt! As if you need more reasons to get a hold of this anthology asap via supporting this kickstarter!

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