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Sweaty Palms Anthology Vol. 2

Kickstarter going on now until August 4th!!!

We're excited to give a shout out to one of our contributors, Sage Coffey! Sweaty Palms has announced their Kickstarter! Pulled together by Sage herself, this collection of individual short stories and testimonies from over 45 unique comic artists all share a common and relatable theme of annuity and its effects on everyday lives. Comics are not only important, but also hugely enlightening. Sage is a person I admire. Not only is she a talented artist but the level of commitment it took to create this book is deeply impressive. Sage was kind enough to allow herself to be featured in our next issue of Milk & Honey, where they speaks on their art and contributes an ad for Sweaty Palms. In classic M&H fashion, her kickstarter will be complete before my book comes out! Doh!

The kickstarter has lots of cool rewards like pins and stickers that you should check out. When I asked Sage about the kickstarter they told me:

"Sweaty Palms was born out of a need to talk about all these weights we had been carrying along. It was in late summer on Liz Enright's couch that we both decided, "Okay! Let's make this anthology!" My past self couldn't imagine what Sweaty Palms would blossom into. I feel like it was started with the sole intention of giving artists a place to share what they've been going through and has since flourished into an anthology that shows folks living with mental illness how common it is. That they're not alone. Especially after denying my own mental illness for so long, Sweaty Palms is extremely important to me."


"The National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) estimates that 16.2 million U.S. adults had at least one major depressive episode in 2016. That's just one year! That doesn't count teens or children either. Imagine living your lifetime feeling that you're awful just for breathing. The book has also served as a way for neurotypical folks to better understand anxiety and depression. It's not a one-size-fits-all experience. I'm so proud of each and every contributor who has shared their story. It's not easy to talk about anxiety with friends, let alone sitting there for days working on pages about it. Without them, this anthology wouldn't be possible and I'm just so grateful."

If you are interested in this book or more of the contributors' work, please consider supporting. Attached in this article are some graphics for the rewards and some preview pages. Postcards are by Alivia Horsley, Meredith Park, Peony Gent, and Shelby Criswell. The sticker sheet is by Enrique Guerra and the enamel pin is by Monarobot. Preview pages are from Kelly Bastow, who recently published a graphic novel, Manfried the Man with Quirk Books. Sam King, a storyboard artist on Disney's DuckTales. Last but not least, JB Roe, known for his wrestling merch and fantastic comics with Brain Buster and Screwjob.

They’re not made to be read in a particular order, but if you want to check out the first volume of, equally impressive size and amount of content, check out a digital copy here:

Let me just throw that link down here again for that current funding for Volume 2:

Kickstarter going on now until August 4th!!!

(Oh yeah and they have a Twitter and a Facebook too)

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