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Welcome to the Submission Page! At any time, we hope to have a variety of projects available to apply for. These projects are all planned on being published by Milk & Honey, but we may not all have exclusive creative rights. Please read below carefully the submission rules and information for each individual project before submitting a collaboration proposal

We at Milk & Honey are looking for submissions of work to fill our latest issue of our magazine. Our magazine is themeless, but we aim to find and put together a general aesthetic and reading experience of basic feel good vales and flow. Submissions can be of work produced at anytime, and we encourage submitting already completed, but previously unpublished works as well as new works. 

Kinds of Desired Submissions and Examples:

Short Comics, limited to 2-5 pages

example: Michael Sweater’s “The Future Is Bright or Oscar Castaneda’s “Adios" 


Exerts or Chapter of a Larger Work

example: Stephanie Zuppo’s exert of chapter six of “Belechville, VT: vol.1"


A series of Single-Page Comics (2-3 min)

example: Cole Brauer  & Sage Coffey’s submissions


Character Design & Illustrations (Full Page or Half Page)

example: Andrew Guojin Unwin’s character illustrations 

Selected Collection of Short Diary Comics (5 min)

example: Kevin Thomas Ward’s watercolor comics 

We are interesting in any other ideas you may have for submissions. Please go over the application below thoughtfully and it will send us an email at, where we can have a future discussion. We can’t wait to hear from y’all! 

Introduction Application For Milk & Honey

Thanks for submitting!

This is a Wix based submission form that should link to our email at If you do not receive a response within a few days of submitting, please reach out to us again at that email address, or on our social medias. Please be aware that this is not you are not automatically subject to submission approval by filling out this form. This is a conversation starter with our editors, where more particular details and questions must be prepared to answered. Submission rules and standards are subject to change.

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