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Emily Sauter


Emily is a MFA graduate of cartooning from the famed Center for Cartoon Studies in White River Junction, VT and founder of Pints and Panels! I'm a cartoonist, beer judge, and public speaker. I currently reside in my home state of Connecticut, am an Advanced Cicerone™ and a BJCP Certified Judge.​

Resent Publications: 

Beer is for Everyone (Of Drinking Age), One Peace Books (2018)

Pints and Panels, self-published (2010-current)

Em’s contribution to Milk & Honey, as seen in Milk & Honey Comic Anthology Issue 2:

M&H: What sorts of comics did you enjoy drawing before Pints & Panels, and how did beer reviewing get involved?

ES: My comics always seem to have a more autobiographical bent, stuff that had happened to me, etc. They were always people focused because I know the limits of my own art. I discovered beer in 2006 and became pretty obsessed, The melding of both of my loves just made sense to me. 

M&H: Your comics always feel positive and fresh. Do you usually choose beers that are known to be exceptional, and are there any beers you haven’t been crazy about? 

ES: I review any beer that I like, I used to review beer poorly but that didn’t seem to be doing anyone any good. Everyone’s taste buds are different. Celebrating beer is more important to me. My favorite beers can be anything from Coors Original (my summer BBQ beer of choice) to a super rare imperial stout.

M&H: Working as a communications manager at a brewery and being a recognized beer judge allows you to travel. I imagine you meet a lot of cool people. How has travel and your job shaped the inspiration of your work?

ES: Beer is super regional. Each state has their own beers and trends. Getting to travel lets me try beers I don’t normally get in Connecticut. Now that beer is more local and less national, every trip is an ability to try new beers. I was in California in early Feb and at a bar, I had not heard of many of the beers on draft. It’s an exciting time.

M&H: I really admire how you have incorporated cartooning into your everyday life so seamlessly. Do you have any advice for artists in the same situation?

ES: I always make time to draw, especially on weekend mornings. Just keep drawing, carve out time for it. It’s part of my life and I can’t imagine not doing it.

assorted beer reviews from ~2017 as seen in issue 2
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