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Milk & Honey Comic Anthology Issue Four is a eighty eight page featuring small press comics and interviews with featured creators! Use check out code blessthebees to download this digital file for free! It is edited by Giancarlo D'Alessandro & Savannah Kerr. 


Featured the talents of: 

Michael Sweater Site

Allison Bannister Site

Liz Bolduc (Liz Sux) Site

Matias Buttari Site

Matías Villaba Site

Cardboard Couch Site

Steve Thueson Site

Dino Caruso Site

Mixtape Comics Site

Ness Garza Site

Bryce Martin Site

Guy Thomas Site

John Mansfield Site

Emily Eagan Site

Kacee Navarro Site

Sushi Site

Scott Hansel Site

Caroline Smith Site

Percydewd Site

Keeley Ware & Louis Wendlander Site

Christopher Rautmann-Beckwith Site

Endtense J.E.T. (Jerome Smith, Travis Smith, & Elijah Simon) Site1 Site2 Site3

Anne Skove Site


To get a physical copy of this issue, go to the link here.

Milk & Honey Anthology Issue Four PDF

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