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Vendor Application To Stone Soup Zine Fest 2022!

Hello Friends, it is I, Milk & Honey's founder and organizer, Giancarlo. I hope all of you are well and you continue to keep your chin up in these uncertain times. I humbly invite you to a faire celebrating and trading indie comix, and honoring all that we have sacrificed these last years through the Covid pandemic. Milk & Honey Comics is hosting its second market to the public focusing on small press & underground comix.

This is a CALL TO ACTION for vendors to gather on July 10th, 2022, in Wilmington, North Carolina. At Hi-Wire Brewing at 1020 Princess St, it should be a beautiful day and we will all be blessed. Please fill out the Google Drive Application below to join our guild list and apply to being a vendor.

Some General Rules & Requirements for Applicants:

  1. You must have a functional comix trade table, with at least one original comic item for sale. Inquire before applying for any questions you may have.

  2. We will prioritize applicants who have already maintained social media accounts and websites of their work, but we also are edger to give a stage for noobies to stand out.

  3. There will be some existing tables and chairs at the location, but as we are still evaluating logistics, vendors should prepare to bring a standard folding table along with their products. We are also not responsible for your transportation or unloading before and after the event, but you will receive a vendor package with information closer to the time of the event.

  4. If your application is accepted, we will require a general table fee collected sometime in May or June, before or at the event, an amount we are still figuring out due to logistics. (No more then thirty bucks tho, I'll make sure everyone knows before you own anything.)

Phase 1 Application spots will be open until Monday, May 2nd.

🐊🌱 🌿🐉

This is the Application Link. Email me at if you have any additional questions or concerns.

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